Laurent ParmentierLaurent ParmentierMarch 29th, 2019

Update: Release 19.03 (March 2019)

For this release, we focused on infrastructure by implementing important features :

  • Custom Fields
  • Instance Monitoring & Failover
  • Minor changes

Custom Fields
We continued to integrate custom fields in our app to let you completely customize your needs when collecting documents.
From now on, we support custom fields in your SQS integration or candidate import file.

Instance Monitoring & Failover
We added more monitoring points to help us identify issues before they fails : memory, CPU, disk usage, ...
We also checked and improve failover processes and instance recovery plans.

Minor changes
We worked on a couple of minor fixes and improvements. Please read details below.

New Features

  • Custom Fields : Supported into SQS messages

  • Custom Fields : Supported into templates (Email & SMS)

  • Custom Fields : Supported into Candidate Import

  • Email Status (Delivered, Failed) is retrieved and displayed in Candidate Details & History log

  • Validation : Candidate details (Firstname, Lastname, ...) supported in validation rules


  • DocuSign : when a Docusign policy is present, the page auto-refreshes when page is active

  • MailGun : Supported custom email domains

  • User List : Group members showed in user list

  • User Details : You can now manage group subscription from the user form


  • MailGun : Candidate was not properly created when MailGun failed

  • Infrastructure : Some services were not properly restarted automatically when server restarted

  • Infrastructure : Extended monitoring tools in place

  • Candidate Creation : Submit button disabled until process is completed

  • Document Type : Cannot delete a document type currently in use

Laurent ParmentierLaurent ParmentierMarch 15th, 2019

New Feature: Release 19.02 (February 2019)

February release comes with a lot of new important features. We focused on : 

  • User's rights & security
  • Extend Policies with DocuSign support
  • Image Review to improve your document general quality

Users Group & Rights
From now on, you can create multiple groups and handle members. Each group can have a predefined set of rights and access all or some accounts. This feature gives you full control on what people can do inside CheckHub's application. 

If you already use DocuSign to collect and sign official documents, you can now use any template to be signed within an applicant File Box. Just use the link you generated from DocuSign, make sure you check the new "Append Candidate Details" to pass the personal details to DocuSign, and that's it!

Image Review
To improve quality of the pictures your users send you, we added a new "Review Picture" feature. Once you activate this option in a document type, your users will be invited to review their uploaded pictures, make sure it's properly oriented. Users can rotate, crop and zoom image for a better result.

And various other new features, updates, and bug fixes along the way.

Check out the full details below.

New Features

  • Support DocuSign Policies with applicant details passed to form

  • Image Review : Support image review option by document type

  • Support new event for notification candidateComplete

  • Support CSS style for email template

  • FILE BOX : Support "Next Link" button (SQS only)

  • FILE BOX : Support header color

  • ADMIN - Policy : New "applicant details" parameter to pass when using DocuSign webform

  • ADMIN : New Merge Sets management screen

  • ADMIN : New User Rights & User group management

  • ADMIN : Added File Box Header color param with color picker


  • Security - ACL Improvement

  • FILE BOX : Added icon for ODT file

  • FILE BOX : Translation missing terms & new terms added

  • ADMIN : New "Settings" page with header navigation refactoring

  • ADMIN : Candidate SMS - International format - UI improvement


  • fixed a bug when a document is part of multiple merge set

  • Prevent an account to be deleted when active applicant exists